You can take me out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of me. We are Original Township Flavour Chicken Dust Takeaways. At Chicken Dust we are not just grilling another chicken we are celebrating the township spirit. We are for the akululwa sjiva bosuku bonke (We don't sleep, we dance all night) generation, we are for the Weekend Special, the Woza Friday, Sunday Kos and most of all we are for an Everyday Meal. You'll find us at a corner near you; sometimes we follow you to the city and to your events.





Original Township Flavour Chicken Dust Takeaways Pty (Ltd) registered 2016 started as an idea in 2012 as a brain child of its founder, Mr Ofentse Mokgatle. The idea on its entirety is not exactly new, there are countless people in the township that are engaged in this trade on a daily basis on a small/individual scale, however a need to formalize the trade exists, up to now it hasn't been built as a brand that can challenge established brands in the fast food market. The company is willing to engage in the fast food business in South Africa solely because of the vast business potential to establish a unique easily scalable fast food chain that has low barriers to entry and can be replicated easily anywhere.




The objective Original Township Flavour Chicken Dust Takeaways in the next five years are:

•To obtain the necessary capital to facilitate establishment of three flagship stores in Gauteng.

• To build a proof of concept and franchisable business model within two years.

• To achieve an optimum return on for our investors and ensure sustainability, profitability and growth.

•To acquire necessary expertise and capacity to develop and maintain an open business environment for viable business growth and secure employment



•To be the first recognised Chicken Dust brand locally and internationally.



•The company will strive to create and maintain an image and reputation in the industry as
an honest, cooperative and creative enterprise, characterized by ethical, fair play, and win win results.
•To remain a customer centric enterprise with quest to satisfy unmet needs in the market,
and also develop a platform to engage our customers in the early development and
improvement of our products
•We shall remain an organisation that evolve with times and ensure that we provide
competitive services that will allow this company to remain the market leader.



You are not buying a franchise but ownership in a business that will sell franchises.

We are projecting a turn over of R1,080,000 per store based on modest projection of R3000 per day per store, with over previous averaging between R1700 - R2000 whilst not even operating at its optimum this projections are realistc. With the three stores we are projecting an annual turnover of R3,240.000 and franchise sales of R17,500,000 in the next five years. Our goal is to have a minimum of two franchised stores in South Africa's 268 township in the 10 years.




1. Fill in the application platform and tell us how much money you want to invest.
2. We will send you a prospectus explaining the business together with Agreement To Sell
3. We suggest you get a professional advice before signing the agreement.
4. Once you signed the agreement you can then make the payment to buy your shares.
5. Share Certificate will be created and send to the investor.


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